Sunday, January 24, 2016

Productive Weekend


This has been a finish up weekend!   It was a nice 3 day weekend with really no plans so I got a ton of projects complete and more that just need binding.  Most of these were out of my tote of unfinished from last year and a few new projects, but remember if I finish a couple I could make something new :)

Well first up is my something new!  Last week I made a dalmatian purse/tote - This week I started these on Wednesday  night and finished up Saturday  morning -- I am keeping the pink and green on and the other 2 will be sold at shows or Etsy.
This was unfinished from last year -- all I needed to do with layer, and quilt it and it is done!

This tablerunner I made the top at our Winter Girls GetAway Weekend and finally finished it this weekend, I layered, quilted and bound it!  Yeah!  Another one done -- this is for our dining room for this summer!

I had 4 of these blue striped bibs and they needed something!  Well I think the snowman applique was what they needed!  All 4 complete!  More in the For Sale Bin!

Our JoAnns closed in October -- so hubby and I went out to dinner near a SUPERSTORE JoAnns and I ran in for a few minutes, go this cute doggie print for valentines day and had the other fabrics, and made 2 pillowcases last night!  These will go to my nieces 2 little ones, they will love  them I hope!  This was a new project :)


Another new project, these are super simple -- zipper pouch by Cotton Way - I bought the pattern on Friday and just had to try it!  I will be making lots of these -- but I have to complete a few more things then I can make more!

These pillow cases were cut and ready to sew last February -- well guess what in about a 1/2 hour they were done!! And they will be mailed off  March first for the March birthdays  missed last year!

Well I would say that was a pretty productive weekend!

Now for some fun pictures of Lucas and Poochie -- here they are playing in  the sewing rooom!

I think Lucas is not willing to share his toy today!


And this is a cute picture of what I wake up to!  He is really bringing life back into the house!  We are lucky to have him!

I hope you had a good weekend and got lots done!

Happy Stitches!

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Lucas, Lucas, Lucas...that's all I need to say :)