Sunday, July 12, 2015

Not Good News

Good Morning!

After my last post I really thought I could do a better job of blogging...  then we had a bad day....  Our Sweet Patches seemed to be breathing odd... so we took her to the emergency vet on Sunday June 28th and they said her chest cavity was full of fluids, so they had to keep her to drain it   -- Monday the call came in that she has T-Cell Lymphoma -- she is just 21 months old!   This doesn't even strike dogs til they are 8 - 9 years old and not even usually found in dalmatians -- so we opted to bring  her home.  She came home June 30th and it doing ok.

Long term is not good, they estimate she will be with us about 4 weeks.  We are just heartbroken.

On a better note, I did promised a picture of my latest completed UFO -- here it is  -- it is about 17 years old and was a round robin that was done from an internet group.
Back to tending to my sick girl

Happy Stitches


Joyce Mayer said...

I am so sorry. Truly, I know the pain and heartbreak you are going through. But I am so thankful that she has you and your family to love her and take care of her. Blessngs.

sb said...

So sorry about your dog. Your round robin quilt is beautiful, I absolutely love it.
Sarah in California