Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Goodwill Shopping


I have been doing a little shopping at Goodwell lately and found some great things!  Some of my pictures won't load onto my blog so I will have to try again -- I found a great kids rocker that I can repaint and a metal aqua colander.  And I did get this wood box that I am going to make into a planter -- I think I will repaint it a fun color and plant some petunia in it --  Always nice to think of Spring on a cold winter day.

I have been buying the girls their toys at the the pet store and then my friend suggested I get some stuffed animals at Goodwill for 50 cents each -- that sure beats $7  - $10 each!   I got Poochie a great green parrot she takes it everywhere and loves to hide it on Patches! 

Patches got a cute reindeer as you can see she is a bit rougher than Poochie and she has some of the stuffing out of it already -- not to worry I have a bag of stuffed toys in the closet  -- I spent a few bucks and got a big bag full.
I have done a little sewing I finished this snowman table topper -- it was a Quick Quilt Saturday project.  I want to
make several more for shows next year.  So I better get moving!

Thanks for stopping by!   What have you been up too?

Happy Stitches!


Susie Q said...

Hi Dorothy, Treacle loves stuffed toys and I have been buying hers from charity stores. At the moment she has a teddy which she carries everywhere and she hasn't chewed him to bits either. I just have to wash him every so often to freshen him up! Hugs, Susie x

Loretta said...

We buy our dog stuffed toys from GW, too! Doesn't make it hard to throw them out when they get holes in them! :)