Friday, June 27, 2014

Kleenex Box Cover tutorial


This Tutorial is for the Quick Quilt Saturday Group on Facebook -- I will update my blog about my other projects tomorrow!

Here is the tutorial:

You need

1 piece of fabric cut 14 x 18 inches
1/4 " Ribbon 30" inches

Here is my fabric 14 x 18 inches

Fold fabric in 1/2 it should measure  9 x 14 inches  -- You will sew on the short seam -- in this picture it is the bottom  where the fabric meets

Then press seam open and lay it with the seam in the back -- now measure down 2 1/2 inches - make sure it is even and sew a 1/4 inch from the bottom and them a little larger than a 1/2 inch above the first sewing line -- this makes your casing for your ribbon

Here it is sewn up and a picture from where your back seam is  -- You now need to sew across the bottom of the tissue cover.

After the bottom is sewn you will make a box bottom  - spread the bottom open and I press only 1/2 of the seam  allowance now and the other half when I am measuring the other side.  One you have it spread out like this measure  2 inches from the tip of the triangle.  Mark it with a pencil then lay your ruler down and draw a line -- this will be your stitching line --do the same to the other side -- this will make your bottom square
 Here is a picture of it open with the pins -- ready to sew at this point

Here it is sewn -- sew the blue thread -- BEFORE you cut off the points make sure it is a nice bottom, try putting your tissue box inside -- after of course you turn it right side out!  - It will be a bit snug and that is ok. 

Now once it  fits -- cut off your corners - your box will sit nice and steady on your table or desk

Now it is time to make a little snip in the casing -- you will do this in the front (opposite side from the seam)  Try to center it and when making your snip be careful to only go thru the top layer -- if you go thru both layers it is not the end of the world -- The next step is to thread the ribbon thru -- I use a large eye needle but you could use a safety pin it you prefer 

Then put in your box of tissues and tie a bow! I am ready for the 4th of July!

This one matches my sewing room   I hope you enjoy making these, they make great inexpensive gifts.

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