Sunday, February 16, 2014

Catching Up

Hi there!

Thought I would catch everyone up and what we have been doing the last few weeks.  Over Superbowl weekend we headed north and spent some time at the 3-bears lodge -- just love the decor there -- it is all cabiny -- this was the quilt on the bed -- love all the plaids together -- hope to make one for our bed at home.

Here is the chair it is all northwoods type stuff on the chair -- on the ottoman is some of my quilt shop purchases from that weekend.

Had a good time up there at the water park and at Lizzy's Superbowl party.

The following weekend I headed up north with the quilting bunch and we rented a house near a lake for a girls get away weekend -- this one one little project I worked on -- still need to quilt and bind but at least I am getting something ready for next Christmas -- this kit made 2 -- it was only supposed to make 1 but I will need to get some backing and another piece of wool, other than that I was able to get 2 out of the kit.      

Then my main UFO I wanted to get done -- I think this is over 10 years old is a king size rag quilt!  I got it all sewed up last weekend and this weekend I clipped all the seams and put it on the bed -- so nice to have a bright colored quilt -- because tomorrow we are getting about  3 - 5 inches of snow!  Oh my more snow!

Then this past weekend my Dear Hubby surprised me with a weekend get away to a log cabin about 1 1/2 hours away from our house -- some day we would like to own a cabin like this so it was a perfect get away -- and this cabin was adorable!

 Here is Poochie on another cabins deck they had gotten some snow last week and  you can see they got quite a bit it is almost to her tummy!

Here she is on the front porch of the cabin we had -- she loving cabin life and she also has her valentines day bandanna on -- she loves holidays!  

Tried to get her on the front porch swing, this picture is not as good as the one on my phone but she seems a little nervous about the swing. She is trooper.
Of course we went to 2 quilt shops and I got some cute kits and a few new patterns. 

We got home around 12:30 today after a nice brunch and I put everything away and did some laundry and was able to make this table runner -- I got the pattern this weekend and the red and green fabric was in a scarp bag I bought for $6.50 it had over 2 yards of moda fabric in it -- a great deal .   I had the tan fabric already so I whipped up this topper this afternoon  -- I still need to quilted and bound -- I can work on that this week,  I also worked on some more wool candle mats that need to be sewn onto the backing wool.  Plan on doing that this evening.
And of course it is back to work tomorrow :(   Gotta go and earn some more money for our next adventure.
How was your Valentine's day?

Happy Stitches!

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