Sunday, October 20, 2013

A nice fall day!


We had a nice fall day here in IL -- chilly and cloudy -- ok so the weather wasn't the nicest, but the day was still nice :)

Dear Hubby and I went golfing, perfect weather the course was not busy so I was able to just keep hitting the ball till I got it to the grenn!  I have been doing some sewing, made some scarecrows.

Had some fun photographing them today.  Keeping one and will be putting some on Etsy. 

Here is the tree in our front yard, it is just brillant this time of year.

And of course here is our girl -- Poochie looks great with the fall colored leaves in the photo with her.

Hope your weekend was great!  What have you been working on?
Happy Stitches

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Kendra said...

Chilly?! You're being kind...I am so not ready for the colder weather LOL! We were up north this past weekend and there was a thin layer of ice on my bird baths! NOOOOOO! I still have a deck that is half stained! This morning and yesterday morning I let the quackers out and as I was gathering eggs they all filed back in complaining LOL! I told them "oh, you just wait ladies!".

Scarecrows look so sweet. I am working on a couple of snowmen and a runner that will be Christmas gifts for my SIL.

Poochie, you look so pretty :) Give her a pat for me!