Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mystery Step 3 and Quilt Shop Visit


How was the weekend?  Mine was very productive.  Dear Hubby wanted to have some BBQ at one of our favorite places on Saturday we took a 2 hour drive and got to stop at one of my favorite quilt shops!

But before I show those goodies, I want to show you Part  3 of the Easy Street Mystery -- I completed part 3 this morning, I started sewing at about 7:15 and finished around noon today!  So excited to actually have 1 step totally completed!!  I have about 150 of step 1 done, and 68 of step 2 done.  So I still have some work to do but I am getting closer to my goal of completing all my parts.   I am using Pink where Bonnie is using Turquoise, I did not really have any turquoise in my stash and I have pink so I thought it would be pretty and I am please with the way step 3 has turned out.   Are you doing the mystery?  How are you progressing?  

 OK now onto the quilt shop -- I needed to get more black and whites for the mystery, so far I have only bought 2 1/4 yards for this mystery  - I am very happy to be using some of my stash for this quilt.

I forgot to take a picture of the fabric I got but I did take a picture of my new patterns.   I love the little stockings, they had samples made up of this wanted to get some done today but it just did not happen.  I di get this months Schnibbles pattern and a table runner pattern.  And the Lazy girl pattern is going to be perfect to hold my phone.  Again I wanted to try to make some of those today but Dear Hubby wanted to take a ride to Harbor Freight Tools  and I was hoping to go to the Salvation Army but they were closed today and it was such a cloudy rainy day I was glad we made just one stop and came home.  He got some toys he needs for his garage projects.
This Gingerbread house is made of paper mache and is decorated with a wreath full of fake gumdrops -- It is huge and was on display in the window of the quilt shop.  I think you can order the plain houses on line  I have not had a chance to look but I might try this after Christmas -- because it was adorable.

Well tomorrow is a work day - so I better go to sleep!

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JoAnne said...

I love the pink! Nice purchases, too.

ratama said...

Nice combination of pink and blue!

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Nice job, getting closer now!
On the other hand I hate to see it end. :)
Sharyn in Kalama

Charity said...

Pink is one of my favorite colors. In my opinion it can go with anything. So of course your blocks beatiful.

Anonymous said...

I usually make my gingerbread houses so we can eat them, but it's so hot here at Christmas time the roof usually falls in LOL. Your shaded 4-patches look lovely with the pink.

Quilter Kathy said...

Your mystery blocks look great!
Step #4 is posted...I'm off to sew!

John'aLee said...

The blocks look beautiful. I can't believe all of the people doing this. Can't wait to see all of the finished projects!