Monday, October 29, 2012

More Pumpkins!

Just like I promised...more pumkins!

First here is a weird photo of a pillowcase I made for my nieces little 2 year old daughter, that should give her nice and sweet Halloween dreams!

Then for her little boy who was born in March -- I made a Halloween bib -- got these mailed off today and she will get tomorrow -- really pushed this to the limit this year -- next year I need to be better prepared.
My sister in law emailed me a cute pattern for Halloween - I need to print it and made a few and put them aside and then I will be ready earlier next year :)
 Now back to the pumpkin parade!!
Here is a snowmand and I think Dr Seuss

A trio of Piggys 

This Dracula is really a good scary pumpkin

This is too funny -- A witch in the box and it looks like she just popped up!!

I thought this Frankenstein was a neat pumpkin and the witch on the left is neat too!

Well check back tomorrow for more of the Pumpkin Parade!
Be safe East Coasters! 
Happy Stitches!

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Cherie said...

Such cute items!
Hahaha those pumpkins are too funny! Who ever thought you could do so much with one of them!