Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pothlder Swap & 4th of July Display

Hi there!

Are you in an area where the temperature is above 100!  We have been in this heat wave all week and I am tired of this heat.  The garden center has been very slow and today we closed at Noon, because it was almost 100 + very humid and I think the same will happen tomorrow.  I love summer and a few days of 100 are nice, but this is crazy, people have lost power in some areas and the pavement is buckling in city - we have tomorrow and then Saturday the temps should be in the 90's (that will seem cool!) and then storms will move in and then it will be in the 80's on Sunday - better get out my winter coat!! LOL

I did get lots done this afternoon - since I was off, got my hair cut, picked up a prescription for Rudy (he has been on tramadol since his episode in back in April and is doing very well:) went to the library and then cleaned up in my sewing room a bit and then worked on a gingerbread embroidery that I started back before last Christmas.

Just thought I would show you some pictures of my Americana display in the living room.  I love Red White and Blue :)

This is my Uncle Sam I finished this past winter, he proudly is hanging by the front door.

And then I thought I better show my potholders and apron I received from Wendy at Prsd4tm2 on a Flickr group I belong to.  I LOVE these colors!  They are perfect for summer -- I just put them away today - can you believe they have been on my kitchen counter for about a month and I enjoyed looking at them everyday,  but they needed to be put away and now they are and I will enjoy using them!  Thank you Wendy!   
Other than that I have been getting some kits ready for craft camp -- it is going to be in October this year and I am teaching 2 classes - so I want to get everything done early this time and so far so good, I have 1 project all kitted up and just need to kit up the other project.  Hope to get that done tomorrow afternoon.

Well thanks for stopping by and visiting.

Happy Stitches and Keep Cool!


Cherie said...

Wow that weather sounds awful! Over in the UK it's been chilly and raining...I'll ship our weather over to you!
Looks like some fun projects there =D

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Dorothy, great Red, White and Blue displays. That weather is crazy, it is still very hot here, no end in sight. Stay cool, Blessings Francine.