Sunday, April 22, 2012

Friday Night Sew In Results

Friday Night Sew Table Runner Finish

Fairy Garden Signs 
Good Morning

Since I have not blogged in a week, I am really confused by the new screen, so I can't move my photos this morning.  I have to work today so I don't have time to fiddle with it -- I can see I have something else to add to my TO DO list!!

How have you been?  I have been busy at the garden center - weather has not been that great this week so alot of moving on the annuals to keep them from getting frost bite!  But after tonight there is no chance of frost so life will be a little easier for both me and the annuals ;)

I did sew this weekend and make some Fairy Garden signs.  Fairy Gardens are so popular this year we are selling lots of Fairy Garden items and I saw on 1 website all kinds of sign and thought I could make those so Friday night I made some quick little signs, they were at the shop yesterday and I got several positive comments about them.

I gotta run to get lunch made and get ready for work, working Sundays are not that much fun - I would rather be home with Dear Hubby going fishing and stitching, but next Sunday I am off so I am sure that is the plan.   But for today it is off to work I go.

Happy Stitches

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BumbleBeeLane said...

The girls made fairy gardens in the yard last summer.They would take them cake and cookie crumbs as they were convinced they like you had a nice day at work.Warm Blessings!~Amy