Sunday, May 20, 2012

Good Morning
Here is my bunny adventure that happened Friday Morning:
Another morning with the bunnies -- this time 3 of them were in the window well -- I went into the laundry room and thought what is that in the window well -- you guessed it -- baby bunnies - 3 of them all huddled together, tried to bring them up with a snow shovel -- that was not working at all! Then I went and got a plastic crate with a lid and some gloves, go back into the basement -- and open the window and see one of the babies has a plastic bag wrapped around it's neck -- now I go get the scissors and cut the bag -- baby bunny is ok -- I put all 3 in the plastic crate and take them outside -- put them in the lawn - one hops away right away -- 2 just sit there, so I get a small bowl of water and some shredded carrots, 1 then hops away in about 15 minutes the other one - who had the bag around his neck is still sitting there by the carrots, I moved him into the shade on a nice soft towel and then right before I left for work I checked on him again and he was hopping around and getting back to normal.  When I came home they were all gone and all the carrots I shredded were gone too, so I know the last one left with a nice full tummy.  Here is the 3 of them in the crate I brought them upstairs in --- aren't they adorable!

Off to work today!

Happy Stitches

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A day of Gardening

Good Morning!

Yesterday was my last day off til Sunday May 27th -- seems like forever til me next day off, so I had a list a mile long to complete -- I did not get it all done, but I got a lot done, so I very happy.  I have been collecting plants from various plant sales and from the garden center - so they were filling up our snowmobile trailer - first project get everything planted!  I planted some of Dear Hubby's tomato and pepper plants - I think we are up to about 35 tomato plants and 12 pepper plants -- then I planted the herbs in our planting box Dear Hubby made a few years ago, then to get the flowers planted - this took the most time.

Here is my Fresh Flower box I had gotten at a church garage sale -- it does look a bit sparse but those petunias will fill in nicely.

This was a big project, cleaning up the bird/butterfly garden, I had lots of weeds, so I tilled it and then planted some of my daisys that I started from seed this winter and a new butterfly bush along with some pansys that I moved from the front.  And a few impatiens in the bottom of the bird bath -- then went to the towns Free Mulch pile and brought some mulch  home and put that down.  Looks so much better and the birds are enjoying. 

I had already planted the flower boxes on our front porch and they are looking really nice, my front theme is Red White and Blue - I also painted my little tables for the front red and I have blue paint for some planters for the from (blue) but I did not get those done yesterday so I hope to get those planted either before or after work this week.

I did weed the side of the house and split up some coneflowers and of course had the dogs out with me, and they discovered a bunny nest -- I bunny did not survive but the other on is doing well and a full recovery is expected and after that little mis-hap the dogs went back inside "in jail" for an hour to think about their crime. 
Another exciting thing happened yesterday when we were outside we saw 2 eagles soaring overhead, it was just AWESOME!  My dad loved Eagles  - I really felt like he was right there next to me when they were flying over.  
Yes the snowmobile trailer is empty!  So a good day -- but still lots to do before Memorial day weekend.
I did step foot into my sewing room and looked around and planned to be up yesterday afternoon, but it never happened, I had to mow and trim the yard.  So I started working at 7:30 yesterday morning and was drying dished and putting them away at 8:45 PM last night -- glad to be able to go back to work today and rest up a bit!!!
Happy Stitches and Gardening!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Doggie Garden Stone


How are you doing?   I have been so busy, as busy as a 1 arm paper hanger!  But things should quiet down a bit after Saturday -- tomorrow is my Garden Clubs Plant Sale and I was publicity chair person, so I have made flyers, signs,  put signs up last night only to find out that 1 of the signs is missing ...ARRGGG

I did go drop of my plants last night too and planted up a couple of planters downtown last night so I did not get a chance to blog.  I got to pick up my stepping stone we made in garden club last month..... here it is -- I just love it!!  It is a dog and 2 flowers -- I can't wait to put it down in the garden, but I am thinking this one might need to be in the front garden so I can see it every morning!    

I am excited because I am going to work 1/2 hour late and I will get to work the plant sale for 1 hour before work, so I am happy I get to do it for that long.  Then I will be working the rest of the weekend. 

Well off to make some flyers for garden club to give away -- at the sale tomorrow.

Happy Stitches!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Busy Day today


What a busy day it was today, first thing this morning I was at Kendra's house from Stone House Primitives and we were going to create a couple of garden benches from old headboards.......

and at about 11 AM we had finished this! What a fun time we had.  She is going to paint it cream and green I think is what we were talking about.  She will either keep it or donate it to our Garden club sale this weekend.

I also wanted to make a bench, but I did not have the right kind of headboard, this is the headboard I had gotten  on one of my treasure hunts a couple of weeks ago  - but it had rounded edges and it also did not come with a footboard,  but no biggie I came home and painted it cream and have put it in my garden and I LOVE IT!!  Think I might need to make a sign for it or maybe a grapevine wreath -- I have a few ideas in the works.


I also planted up so pots that go in my creek side garden and just had a nice afternoon of planting and painting. 

 I did manage to go to town today and stop at the salvation army store and bought a grapevine wreath for 49 cents and the watermelon sign wich I am going to re-purpose  - just use the watermelon I think.  And the vines in the photo are some grapevines Kendra gave me to make a couple grapevine wreaths, I bought the one at salvation army --just in case mine doesn't turn out.

Now I am finishing dinner and then making cookies for the Fairy Garden Class I am teaching tomorrow at the Garden Center

Have a great night and thanks for stopping by!

Happy Stitches

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More Planter Chairs


I have had the past 2 days off and yesterday I ran errands and went to GoodWill -- did not find much except for a brand new pair of Princess Reeboks size 10 for $4.99 --this is what I wear all the time, so CHA CHING I save some big dollars there.  Then I found another thrift shop up the road from GW and it was really upscale but I did find a cute cup and saucer for 50 cents that I made into a bird feeder.

Today was stay and home and get some more planter chairs done, and that is what I did -- well at least until 4 when I went to the local church garage sale that started at 4 today :)

Here are the 2 chairs I got done today, I just need to touch them up a bit in the morning and then I am taking to the garden center tomorrow.  I already sold 1 of my chairs there and I am hoping it will be a busy weekend, and maybe I can sell a chair or 2 more.        

I was going to make this an Americana chair but it just was not working out, so I added the flowers and dots and am pretty happy with it.

This chair I just love, it has red and yellow flowers and the stem ended up so cute curled up at the end. 

At the garage sale I picked up this cute planter for $4!  I think I might be able to make some of these - I think I will try next week when I am off, need to get some wood -- don't think I am going to keep it there, I am going to put in on the wicker table next to the wicker chair to the left of the door.  I will take a picture once I get it planted up and the wicker furniture needs a coat of paint this year and new seat cushions. 

I manged to keep really busy today  - it would have been my moms 91st birthday today, I went and put flowers on all the graves yesterday  - so I know she is smiling down.  Tough to believe she is gone 6 years at the end of next month  - Moms are such special people.  Happy Birthday Mom!

I hope you had a busy and productive day

Happy Stitches