Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good Morning!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are on our own today, but the house is cleaned, laundry done, took my 3 mile walk this morning and Dear Hubby and I will start making our turkey a little later today.

Lots to be thankful for.

Happy Stitches

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday Night Sew in & some swap photos


Happy Saturday afternoon....boy it is a nice day to be home, winds are gusty and it is in the low 40's -- glad to be in the sewing room!

Thought I would show you a few of the swaps I have gotten in the last week or 2 also. This is a FANTASTIC postcard from Cindy -- we are in the postcard swap group on Flickr -- I just love this!! Going to put it on an easel on the entry way table know you can't put it out now and skip Turkey day!!

And this is what else was in the package...does she know me or what? I love the pattern, going to make some for my last show of the year, the town house walk, I have 12 days til set up day, so I need to get busy again!! And then some other goodies I will use in my crafting. Thanks Cindy!!

Another Flickr group I am in is the pincushion swap group and I got these 3 adorable Chickens from Mary!! I just love these, and I am going to paint my room a 30's color this winter and go all out 30's in my sewing room, these will fit right in!! She knows me too --mylove for 30's and chickens!!! Thank you Mary!!

I have been cleaning up a storm this past week, I really don't know how things get so out of control with only me and Dear Hubby home, but it was CRAZY out of control! So I spent 1 day cleaning the master bedroom, washing the windows and curtains and cleaning out the closet. Then the next on the guest room all clean and tidy ready for a guest. The only room upstairs that still needs attention is the Sewing Room, I have tried but it just needs to be gutted and revamped so that will happen in December. I am now just moving around the mess!

While I was cleaning I had piles of this and that everywhere and look where Buttons thought it was the perfect pile to take a nap! I think the flash must have woke her up! Sure does look warm and cozy.

Well finally you are asking....what did this girl do on Friday Night sew in.....well without further delay here is what I got done.... A Santa wallhanging. I am making several of these for gifts - But this one was the first one and still needs to be quilted. This was one of our free patterns that we got at the BOM we went to yesterday.

Well I better get back to sewing for a little bit, we are heading to the library this afternoon, Dear Hubby is having hernia surgery next Friday - so it would be good if he had some books to browse as he recuperates.

Have a great day!
Happy Stitches

Thursday, November 17, 2011



Did you sign up for Friday Night Sew In? I did. I hope to sew alot of the day, going to the BOM with my friend Friday afternoon and you know how a BOM can get you charged up.

See you tomorrow night!

Happy Stitches...I gotta clean up my sewing room a bit before tomorrow night!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day

Good Morning!

Well today is Veterans Day and I would like to salute my God Son Jacob today, he just became a Marine last month, and this has been his dream for a few years, probably most of his young life.

He just graduated high school in June, turned 18 in July and was away at bootcamp on his 18th birthday and he is now at a special training. WOW so much has happened for this awesome young man in just a few short months.

Jacob is a kind, caring, intelligent and just a great all around guy. I sue do wish him the best in his military career.

Happy Veterans Day and Happy Marines Birthday (I know that is sometime around this date too)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yo Yo Book Mark and Coaster Swap


So what have you been working on? It has been so rainy and cold here I have been sewing up a storm. I got 7 tablerunner tops done - 1 completely done and 1 that needs the binding sew on. Need to run to JoAnns tomorrow to get some more batting.

I have been making a ton of Yo-Yo's and I saw this idea on someone's blog -- it is a book mark. So simple you just make the Yo-Yo and I sewed it on to the large plastic coated paper clip. I think alot of my quilter friends will get these in their Christmas cards this year.

I am in a couple of swaps on Flickr it is a fun area for quilters. Lots of photos to look at and hopefully get inspired. This was the coaster swap I was in and I rec'd these fantastic 30's coasters from Karen (applekrisp) I just love them! She sent a nice goodie package, everything was so pretty. I am going to use the extra squares she sent along to make some hexie's.

I got another neat package this week with my pincushion swap -- guess what they are chickens in 30's fabric. I love them!! I thought I took a photo but Dear Hubby cleaned up the desktop tonight and I have no idea it is -- so I will take another photo and get it up in the next day or so.
Off to bed!
Happy Stitches

Sunday, November 6, 2011



How was your Sunday? It was so cold and windy here, we just stayed inside all day and Dear Hubby watched football and I stitched away.

I made some more candle mats from quilt blocks that are never going to be turned into a quilt - they were from a BOM for Christmas. And they really turned out nice. But of course I did not get a photo of that.

I also made some potholders from a snowman panel and some coasters for the craft show coming up next weekend. This week I will be working on table runners for the shows.

I did take a little time and make some Hexies, I bought the center fabric with the cat about 2 weeks ago and I just love it. When I bought the fabric I knew it was going to be the center of some Hexies and that is what I started today. Not sure how big I am going with these - but I got 1 complete and more in the works. So stayed tuned and we shall see what becomes of these Hexies.

Happy stitches!

Saturday, November 5, 2011



I participated in a local craft show today, and it turned out to be more home party type vendors than crafters, actually only 4 crafters and the rest were home party vendors. I was really bummed out by that. So I decided to put items on Etsy. Tonight I list 11 items, all postcards and kits for postcards, wich I don't even sell at the shows, but I had a basket in my sewing room, I thought I may as well list them. And to be honest all my tablerunners and quilts are still in my truck, so tomorrow I think I will spend some time loading things on the Etsy site.

Have you tried it? and did it work for you?

Happy Stitches

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Le Petite Recap for the Year

Good Morning!

This past year I was involved with the LePetite Project - This month we are to put up a recap of our quilts we made in this group. For some reason I was only able to load a few, not sure why Blogger is not working this morning. But here is what I was able to load

This was Paginini - I still need to quilt it.

This is Butter Churn and it is quilted! I used this on the dining room table last Christmas.

This one is George and again it needs to be quilted.

And this one is the Viewer Choice from last month and it needs to be quilted.

There was at least 1 more I made, but as you can see I did not get my project done every month. The group is taking Nov and Dec off and will get a new challenge Jan 1st! I am really looking forward to participating next year. But in the mean time I think I need to get these quilted, or I will end up with more UFO's - so with that said I am off to the creation station and get quiltin!

Happy Stitches!